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Brutally fierce, relentless Death Metal from Melbourne, Australia.


Aetherial forge a uniquely dark and devastating sound which combines formidable vocals, confronting lyrics and intense guitar riffs.

Lyrically, Aetherial explores the darkest recesses of the soul; exposing what is lurking behind the false reality of everyday life. A stark look beyond the restraints of social and cultural boundaries examine forces surrounding and influencing the human condition.

The bands debut album, The Still Waters of Oblivion was first independently released in 2015, then re-released in 2017 to excellent reviews.


2020 will reveal the bands 2nd offering, 


their sophomore album titled - Nameless Horrors - out 23 10 20


The core of Aetherial is driven by vocalist and songwriter Shep Sheppard and bass player and Lyricist Cassandra George. 

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